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Meet Graham C. FisherGraham C. Fisher

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Portland Since 2006

At the Law Office of Graham C. Fisher, LLC, we know that the government frequently bullies people accused of crimes, using the threat of harsh punishment to intimidate and coerce guilty pleas. We believe it is our duty to balance the scales for the accused. When clients place their future in our hands, this is a responsibility we take extremely seriously.

Mr. Fisher believes fiercely in the following principles:

He listens carefully to each client and endeavors to fight for their unique priorities in their case. He is committed to giving each client thorough and honest counsel every step of the way and uses his experience as a trial lawyer to fight tirelessly for his clients.

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Compassionate Representation

When not working directly with his clients, Mr. Fisher is fighting to make the criminal justice system more fair and humane. He proudly serves on the Oregon State Bar’s Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions Committee, the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association’s Legislative Committee, Oregon Justice Resource Center’s Amicus Committee, and ACLU’s cooperating attorney panel.

The criminal justice system defines people by their worst moment; we take pride in telling our clients’ stories and making the system see them as they are.

Skill & Experience

Mr. Fisher is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly experienced Portland criminal defense attorney who has obtained outstanding results on very difficult cases. A seasoned trial lawyer, he has handled over 700 cases and leveraged this experience and success to benefit each client. He prides himself on providing clear, honest advice to empower his clients to make the decisions that are right for them and their unique situation.

He intentionally keeps a low caseload so he can give each case and every client the attention needed to succeed. Mr. Fisher has experience working with experts from around the country, investigators, and other exceptional lawyers to provide each client with the best defense possible. The Law Office of Graham C. Fisher is a full service firm, without the premium overhead. Whether you need a Dream Team for a complex trial, or an efficient resolution, we will work with you with integrity, experience, and a track record of success.

In addition, Mr. Fisher is primarily responsible for the passage of Senate Bill 391A, which ended the systemic police practice of unlawfully taking bail money and falsely imprisoning defendants.

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